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Series of 4 Bars Processes

  • 1 שע 15 דקות
  • 1,800 Israeli sheckles
  • 3 Kibbutz Galuyot St

תיאור השירות

How much more will you be able to receive when you gift yourself with a series of 4 Bars processes? There is a discount for the series, who would you like to share this joy with?

מדיניות ביטולים

At least 24 hours notice for a cancellation without any penalty. 12 hours notice 50% of fee will be received 6 hours or less 100% of fee will be received

פרטי איש הקשר

  • Aviva Belfer - Enhancer of Possibilities, Kibuts Galuyot Street, Jerusalem, Israel

    +972 524715225

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